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Trusts and Other Governance Documents

Bill and his colleagues specialize in working with families, their trustees, advisors and family offices facing addiction in a loved one, beneficiary, or client. In 1998, Bill first learned that physicians and pilots had outstanding success rates for recovery from addiction. Since that time, he has used their program concepts in his work with families and trustees to help them address and find solutions to challenging behaviors.

Trust Consulting on Provisions to Address Addiction

Due to his legal background, one of Bill's specialties is consulting with families, trustees and their lawyers concerning trust and governance document modifications to effectively address addiction and other behavioral disorders in beneficiaries.

  • See his article, Model Language for Addressing Addiction in Trust Documents in the Resources section.

Building explicit leverage into documents modeled after the programs for doctors is vital because research proves that changes to the brain caused by addiction take much more than '28 days' to stabilize.

The Physicians Health Program Model

A proven method for achieving a long-term successful sober lifestyle is using outside leverage to motivate to enter treatment and comply with post-treatment plans. Medical boards for impaired physicians use this approach to achieve recovery rates in excess of 85% at 5 years post-treatment. We help our clients play a similar role in encouraging their loved ones to find help and then continue on the path to restored health, recognizing that recovery occurs in family and the community.

Recovery Management on Behalf of Families and Trustees

We also help families and their trustees work together to agree on a plan to manage the person with the problem over the long-term, including preparing and overseeing recovery agreements. Services include acting as an intermediary or advisor on monetary issues and other resources after inpatient treatment to reduce friction in this often-contentious area. Successful recovery requires a comprehensive post-treatment plan that includes a case manager, monitoring and drug testing, coaching, and progress reports to the family.

Motivated by high relapse rates for those seeking recovery, I have spent the last fifteen years advocating for changes in the treatment system, identifying quality resources, and developing outstanding support services for families.

Bill's professional associations include:

  • Collaboration for Family Flourishing (CFF)
  • Purposeful Planning Institute (PPI)
  • Attorneys for Family-Held Enterprises (afhe)
  • Family Office Exchange (FOX)
  • The Family Firm Institute (FFI)
  • Trust and Estates Organizations