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Bill writes articles for families, their trustees, private businesses and advisors on how to effectively address addiction in offspring and beneficiaries. Based on the highly successful programs for pilots and physicians (PHPs), clients appreciate his practical, clinically-proven information about what works in the treatment and recovery process.

Bill is also an expert on the intersection of addiction and affluence, including modifications of trust documents to account for substance use disorders. Drawing on his own experience with recovery in the context of family businesses and in implementing the PHP model, his writings are invaluable resources for both family and professionals.

In these pages, you will find articles, tools and resources regarding:

  • Applying the pilot/physician model to other groups
  • Managing the treatment and recovery process for offspring and beneficiaries
  • The interplay between wealth, fame and addiction
  • Model language regarding addiction to be inserted into trust and other governance documents
  • How to employ therapeutic leverage to optimize chances at sustained long-term recovery

Featured publications:

  • Family Trusts: A Guide for Beneficiaries, Trustees, Trust Protectors, and Trust Creators by Hartley Goldstone, James E. Hughes, Jr., and Keith Whitaker

    The authors believe the purpose of a trust is to benefit someone's life, not merely to serve as a vehicle to avoid taxes or transfer wealth. Therefore, one area of concern is about funds contributing to negative activity, like excessive use of drugs or alcohol.

    Chapter 15, titled "Working with Addictions," features an interview with Bill.

    Appendix 2, Sample Language Regarding Addictions, includes Bill's model language to be inserted in trust and other family governance documents.

  • "When Addiction Surfaces in Beneficiaries and Client Offspring: A New Approach Based on Highly Successful Programs for Physicians" from the August 2015 edition of Trusts & Estates magazine.

    Written for attorneys and trustees, the article is a good overview of how Bill works with families and their advisors, trustees, etc., to identify and implement leverage to encourage treatment compliance over the long term.

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