A National Network of Addiction Professionals

Founded by Bill Messinger, the NNAP is a nationwide network of addiction specialists, providing support and services to families facing addiction and other behavioral disorders. Many members are cross-trained in behavioral health, family business and law. Network members have exceptional professional credentials, including a proven history in addiction management.

Members are independent of treatment centers, with demonstrated integrity and commitment to collaborative relationships with other professionals.

Trustworthy Personal and Professional Credentials
Established by professionals with Harvard and Yale degrees from multi-generational business families, we base our approach on proven recovery models and decades of clinical experience in behavioral health, family businesses and law.

The National Network of Family and Addiction Specialists
As more families ask for help, we are establishing a national network of professionals to provide services and support to families throughout the country.

As the leading authorities in the field, NNAP members are committed to supporting families throughout the recovery process. We value our on-going, trusted relationships with clients, especially parents, siblings, spouses, trustees and business advisors.

We will work with you wherever you are in the country to offer personalized services. In addition, regional support from network members is available in many areas, including:

  • East Coast (Boston, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York City)
  • South (Charleston/Hilton Head, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta)
  • Midwest (Chicago area, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Kansas City, Cleveland, St. Louis)
  • West Coast (Greater Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver)

Our locations continue to expand.

We understand that addiction is one of the major challenges for maintaining family prosperity. We have the tools to help families in need.